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Tax Benefits Of Buying A Home

Tax BenefitsWe all know the reasons for owning a home: it’s a place you can decorate and fix up according to how you want it (inside, anyway) and no landlord can stop you. The feeling of walking

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Google Trekker Comes To Spokane

Have you heard the news about the new feature Google is adding to its maps? It is a full 360 view of areas previously only explored by foot. Mountain trails, hiking trails, arboretums, the Grand

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Labor Day Weekend In Spokane

It's hard to believe that it is already the end of summer and Labor Day weekend is almost here. The kids are back in school and temperatures are beginning to cool off. What fun things are you

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Its Almost Back To School Time In Spokane

With summer coming to an end and countless commercials about back to school, it is hard not to realize just how fast this summer went by. There are just a few weeks left until school is back in

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